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Residents Say:

“I’ve been at Robinwood Manor for 16 years and I never want to move. The nurses and caregivers take good care of me here.” --- Florence


 “South Winds is my home. We enjoy each other and the staff is excellent. We had a New Years Eve party and dance, it was so much fun.” --- Roberte


Caregivers Corner:

“ I’ve worked at nursing homes, but these homes are so much nicer. The residents are like a family and get more one-on-one care.” ---Estelle

Families Comments:

“Thank You for taking such good care of not only my loved one but of all your residents. I see the dedication in your staff and will recommend you every chance I can.” --- Leona


Hidden Terrace Hidden Terrace

Hidden Terrace is nestled on a beautiful corner lot in the city of Franklin. A spacious, fenced- in patio gives a perfect gathering place for summer time. The interior has a large front room, living room and kitchen, all with cathedral ceilings. Each bedroom has generous closet space and ample living area. Hidden Terrace also offers two and a half baths and a beautiful wood burning fireplace.

Lake Pointe Manor Lake Pointe Manor

Lake Pointe Manor is set on a gorgeous corner lot in a quiet family neighborhood in the city of Franklin. With cathedral ceilings and an open concept, the living room, kitchen and dining area feel spacious and inviting. Each bedroom has ample closet space and comfortable living area. Lake Pointe Manor also has 2 full bathrooms and a beautiful backyard.

Life Care Manor Lifecare Manor

Lifecare Manor is settled on a charming lot in an exquisite neighborhood in Greenfield. With a sunroom and living room, there is plenty of space to gather or sit back and watch a movie. A screened in balcony offers a wonderful escape, free of summertime pests. With its many trees, wildlife can often be seen and enjoyed. Each bedroom has very generous closet space and comfortable living area.

Midland Terrace Midland Terrace

Midland Terrace is located in a refined neighborhood in the city of Greenfield. This large home has much to offer with its charming sunroom, large family room and living room, as well as a full dining room . Each bedroom is spacious and inviting. Midland Terrace has a large kitchen with dinette and two and a half bathrooms. Also, a fenced in patio in the backyard and a covered patio in the front offer protected outdoor sitting areas .

Riverside Terrace Riverside Terrace

Riverside Terrace is set away in the quiet city of Greendale. A fenced in backyard is adjacent to a wooded area that is home to much wildlife. There is plenty of room to move around with quaint kitchen and dinette, two living areas and a small nook off the kitchen. Riverside Terrace offers two and a half bathrooms. All of the bedrooms have plenty of closet space and a comfortable place to rest. Residents frequently look out the two patio doors in the back, watching the deer nearby.

Robinwood Manor Robinwood Manor

Robinwood Manor is located in a beautiful neighborhood on a large lot with a fenced in backyard in Franklin. A spacious front room with beautiful bay windows offers a cheerful place to gather. The kitchen and dinette are full of charm and good food. Robinwood Manor also offers a quiet sitting room, two and a half baths and plenty of closet space and storage.

Southwinds South Winds

South Winds is set in the quiet city of Kenosha. This large home has a beautiful living room with gas fireplace, large activity room and sitting area, and a cozy sunroom for you to escape to. Most bedrooms are private with bathrooms. The large dining area is a great place to gather. Outside has a beautiful vegetable garden and walkway around the building. There is an inviting beauty parlor for you to look and feel your best. South Winds is full of charm and family warmth.



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